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National Ushers

In the year 1939, the first meeting of the National Ushers Fellowship was held at the Detroit Church of God, Detroit, MI. The church was then located at Chaney and Jay Streets and Rev. Charles White was pastor. Mrs. Bessie Wilson, Rev. C.A. Craig, and a few others saw the need for more efficient ushering at our National Association of the Church of God (NACOG) conventions and volunteered their services. It was evident that they were fulfilling a real need and their service attracted much attention.

The next year (1940), Rev. White recommended to the trustees and ministers of NACOG that a national usher president be selected. Mr. Daniel S. Phillips, a deacon from Sharon, PA, and Rev. L.M. Turner, then pastor of the Church of God on Cedar Avenue in Sharon, PA recommended Sis. Esther B. Culp for that position. Sis. Culp had worked for a number of years as a youth worker at West Middlesex Campground (headquarters of NACOG), and pioneering a number of projects.  Sis. Culp was elected as the first national usher president in 1940. Since that first election, Sis. Culp said, "...there have been many struggles and many changes. We feel that these changes have been helpful, and that our National Ushers Fellowship has developed into a much more efficient organization. Where there is no struggle, there is no active development."

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Joseph Scarborough
Lynchburg, SC

Liz Cheeseman-Martin
Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Christina Stringfellow
Downers Grove, IL

Gloria Dillard
Southfield, MI

Diane Spellman
Seattle, WA

Danielle M. Ravenell
Summerville, SC

Louvenia Evans
Windsor Mill, MD

SanRel Jackson-Short
Tampa, FL

Elizabeth Gaddis
Columbus, OH

Esther Deans
Washington, DC

Donna Ravenell
Moncks Corner, SC

Laura Pharr
Seattle, Washington

Bessie Smith
Tuscaloosa, AL

Past Presidents 

Sis. Esther B. Culp (Sharon, PA) 1955-1969
Bro. Robert Rhodes (Rhode Island) 1972-1977
Sis. Sybil Chisolm (Miami, FL) 1977-1984
Sis. Betty Thomas (Youngstown, OH) 1984-1989
Sis. Betty Lawson (Teaneck, NJ) 1989-1995
Sis. Laura Pharr (Seattle, WA) 1995-2001
Sis. Elizabeth Gaddis (Columbus, OH) 2001-2007
Sis. Donna Ravenell (Moncks Corner, SC) 2007-2013
Sis. Esther Deans (Washington, DC) 2013-2019

Past Convention Sites 
1954 Sharon, PA 1974 Philadelphia, PA 1994 Atlanta,GA 2014 Naperville, IL
1955 Cleveland, OH 1975 Chicago, IL 1995 Los Angeles, CA 2015 Long Island, NY
1956 Pittsburgh, PA 1976 New Haven, CT 1996 Trevose, PA 2016 Detroit, MI
1957 Detroit, MI 1977 St. Petersburg, FL 1997 Charleston, SC 2017 Southern Caribbean
1958 Toledo, OH 1978 Los Angeles, CA 1998 St. Louis, MO 2018 Springfield, MA
1959 St. Louis, MO 1979 Washington, DC 1999 Houston, TX 2019 Tampa, FL
1960 Detroit, MI 1980 Atlanta, GA 2000 Seattle, WA
1961 Evanston, IL 1981 Detroit, MI 2001 Detroit, MI
1962 Gary, IN 1982 Tampa, FL 2002 Birmingham, AL
1963 Buffalo, NY 1983 Cleveland, OH 2003 Arlington, VA
1964 Baltimore, MD 1984 Birmingham, AL 2004 Indianapolis, IN
1965 Columbus, OH 1985 Los Angeles, CA 2005 Columbus, OH
1966 Hamilton, Bermuda 1986 Philadelphia, PA 2006 Chattanooga, TN
1967 Toledo, OH 1987 Jacksonville, FL 2007 Iselin, NJ
1968 Detroit, MI 1988 Macon, GA 2008 Kansas City, MO
1969 Far Rockaway, NY 1989 Kingston, Jamaica 2009 Tampa, FL
1970 Cinncinnati, OH 1990 Seattle, WA 2010 Atlanta, GA
1971 St. Petersburg, FL 1991 Newark, NJ 2011 Eastern Caribbean
1972 New York, NY 1992 Columbus, OH 2012 Fresno, CA
1973 Miami, FL 1993 Houston, TX 2013 Charleston, SC

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